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Health concerns shared by many

By November 24, 1999January 12th, 2024No Comments

It is disconcerting that Santo Greco‘s letter makes the distinction between himself (clinical biochemist) and Janet McCallum (history lecturer). In this letter, he expresses anger that a “lay person” dare to judge his work.

Is he suggesting that only those with an expert medical knowledge are competent to judge the issues?

Healthcare, practitioners, medical scientists, consumers, and the general public express legitimate concerns about the privatisation of pathology services at the Women’s and Children’s healthcare network. Many claim that privatisation will place patients at risk by causing a decline in quality and availability of pathology services.

Pulling rank and telling anecdotal stories are best left to politicians. Scientist like Santo Greco should stick with “the facts”.

First published as a letter to The Age in 1999.

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