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Letters to MP News during federal election campaign

By April 26, 2022January 12th, 2024No Comments

Letter 1

Everywhere I look, I see advertisements for Zoe McKenzie – on billboards, on fences and in this newspaper. But where are her policies? Does she support the Liberal party’s lack of action to avert a climate catastrophe? What does she think about her party’s failure to honour their promise to introduce an integrity commission? Where does she stand on women’s safety?

I am not funded by fossil fuel companies nor Climate 200. So I don’t have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. Instead, I am funded by donations from people in my local community. My website names everyone who has donated $1,000 or more.

Most importantly, I am transparent about my policies – you can read them on my website. I am also transparent about my past political affiliations.

Trust and confidence in government are at historic lows. Party politics, political donations and ego-driven politicians have destroyed our trust in public institutions. My focus on transparency and accountability is the key to restoring trust in government. I bring hope to Flinders!

Letter 2

(This letter led to an invitation to debate Zoe McKenzie, the Liberal candidate for Flinders, at the Sorrento Men’s Shed. Zoe then withdrew from the debate.)

I agree with Gregory Johnston. We need numerous Town Hall meetings in Flinders – so voters can hear the candidates debate our different policies.

Being a candidate in a federal election involves more than photo opportunities. The democratic purpose of an election campaign is to display and test the policies and capacities of competing candidates and their parties, to help voters make a choice.

I am not funded by fossil fuel companies or Climate200. So rather than inundate the electorate with self-promoting leaflets and giant signs, I have my policies on my website.

Letter 3

No wonder the Liberal Party candidate is running a mile from debating her policies with me. So many of them are state issues and the responsibility of the state government.

There’s her plan to push for lower payroll tax, a state tax. Then there’s the environmental issues that are also the responsibility of the state government – protecting the Green Wedges; protecting Flinders Pier; saving Arthur’s Seat; and tackling foreshore degradation. As for protecting the region’s iconic spider crab? Again, the responsibility of the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

What will really make a difference to environmental degradation is strong climate action, but there’s no mention of that on any Liberals flyer.


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